What Does Your Photographer Need for Your Indoor Venue?

You’ve found your perfect venue. It’s elegant, romantic, and inviting. Or maybe it’s filled with character, warm, and unexpected. Either way, it’s (partly or all) indoors. As excited as you are about your love story unfolding in this space, you are concerned that it won’t be remembered with beautiful photographs. After all, you understand that “natural light” photographers won’t have access to natural light inside. So, what should you look for when searching for your photographer?

1. Off Camera Lighting Equipment

No pop-up flash here! Shadows create shape and texture. Without those shadows (and with direct flash), you are left with plastic-looking portraits—and missing out on the magic created with back-lit, side-lit, and overhead lit techniques.

Back Lit (and Side Lit):

(from a summer reception at Deepwoods Events near Eugene, Oregon)

Indoor Venue Eugene Oregon - Deep Woods Events Elmira, Oregon

Overhead Lit (and Side Lit):

Indoor Venue - Deepwoods Events in Elmira, Oregon

Side Lit (from Both Sides):

(from an after-dark New Year’s Eve wedding at Pronghorn Resort in Bend, Oregon)

Indoor Wedding -- Pronghorn Resort in Bend, Oregon

Side Lit (from One Side):

Indoor Wedding - Pronghorn Resort in Bend, Oregon

2. Significant Indoor Lighting Experience

Is it enough to have the lighting equipment? Of course, the equipment must be mastered and the understanding of artificial light must be mastered. After all, how would one asses a space and determine which lighting techniques to use? And at what settings? Photography is an art. Off camera lighting is as well. And pairing the two together makes for the perfect mix for your unforgettable day.

We’ve been creating highly personal art in indoor spaces since 2015. For your perfectly lit indoor celebration, contact us today.

Why a Keepsake Album for your Wedding Day?

Eugene Oregon Wedding Photographer Wedding Album

Why do we include professionally designed Keepsake Albums in each wedding collection?

It begins with the pleasure of you holding your story in your hands and feeling the pages with your fingers, and extends to your children and grandchildren doing the same one day, too. It is cherished now--and even more as the years pass. This legacy piece showcases so much beauty, though maybe more importantly: offers identity and belonging as an anchor to the generations to come. Experiencing your images on a screen just isn't the same.

Eugene Oregon Wedding Album

In addition to the pleasure of Wall Displays on the walls of your home showcasing you and your spouse’s most favorite images, delight comes from your Keepsake Album showcasing the details—and it’s the details that tell your unforgettable love story. From the scent that you wore, to the lace details on your dress, to the moment you exchanged vows and rings, shed tears, toasted to a lifetime of happiness and love, and shared your first dance as husband and wife. These details are precious ones. And ones you will cherish year after year.


Why are our professionally designed Keepsake Albums included in each wedding collection?

Because it matters. And because we care.

We’ll help you tell your love story for generations to come.

Capture these moments today.

18 of Some of the Best Moments of 2018

Another wonderful year has come to a close, bringing us to the start of a new one. With the ringing in of 2019, we reflect on (some of) the best moments of 2018. Enjoy!

Heather Mills Photography -- Eugene Wedding

It was in December when we were met with brilliant blue skies and sparkling leaves. Courtney was treated to hair and makeup styling by Styled by DaraLyn before this dazzling couple enjoyed a stroll at Shadow Hills Country Club in Junction City, each adorned with a Flowers and Thyme masterpiece.

Heather Mills Photography -- Best Eugene Wedding Photographer

Intimate weddings are uniquely refreshing—and Ron and Kelsee’s was exactly that. They were married at the Hallmark Resort in Newport, sharing their vows before those nearest and dearest to them with the grand sea and sprawling beach as their backdrop. After the final toasts, they stole away for last-light portraits, when this unforgettable moment was captured.

Heather Mills Photography -- Branding and Headshot Photographer in Eugene

This radiant woman is a talented pianist, accompanist, and music director. Emily’s stand-out branding portraits were created at the John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts in downtown Eugene.

Heather Mills Photography -- Reader's Choice Awards Register Guard Voted Best Photographer in Eugene

We were humbled to be recognized again as your favorite photographer in the Eugene/Springfield area. Former Studio Manager, Jacquelyn (left) and Heather Mills (right) pose at the Register Guard’s Reader’s Choice banquet.

Heather Mills Photography -- Eugene Engagement Photographer

On a stroll at Graham Oaks Nature Park in Wilsonville for their Engagement Portraits, Chris and Maria shared a magical moment in this dream-like scene. A few months later, we celebrated their union at the Old Schoolhouse wedding venue in Newberg.

Addison and Erin traveled to Eugene the year before (see them in our top 20 of 2017) and enjoyed private access to Sweet Cheeks Winery for their Engagement Portraits just after the Willamette Valley received a blanket of snow. In 2018, they asked us to travel to them to capture their wedding day—across the country in Orlando, Florida! Erin spent her getting ready moments at the Reunion Resort with rays of sunlight streaming in from her balcony windows.

Heather Mills Photography -- Eugene Headshot and Branding Photographer

This Eugene real estate broker came to the studio this year for updated branding portraits. Brandy’s new headshots reflect her professionalism, expertise, and approachability—and we love her style!

Heather Mills Photography -- Eugene Wedding Photographer

Exchanging vows on the beach and dancing the night away with their dearest family and friends, Chris and Julia’s intimate wedding on private property in Pacific City was a dream come true. Shortly after saying “I do,” they stole away for some sweet moments alongside the water, with Cape Kiwanda in the distance and a work of art in Julia’s hand by Gypsy Bleu Florals.

David and Bekah’s wedding ceremony at the Water Oasis wedding venue in Newberg featured abounding joy. And though this adorable ring bearer had a spotlight moment as he retired from his post mid-ceremony, this couple’s first kiss was one for the books.

A South Eugene High School graduating senior wanted something out-of-the-ordinary for his senior portraits to showcase his passion and talent in dance. Now, a Houston Ballet dancer, Nathan and his dance partner, Paige (along with the generous help of Oregon Ballet Academy artistic director, John) took Eugene by storm. From in-studio to downtown below to rooftop high, creating art with these dance artists was unforgettable.

When we were asked to capture these new parents’ first family portraits with their daughter, we were deeply honored. Their legacy session began in the courtyard at Terpening Terrace with Aaron and Andre’s Grandmother, and continued among the fresh blooms at the Owen Rose Garden along the river in Eugene.

Heather Mills Photography -- Eugene Headshot Photographer

This attorney’s new professional headshots were the perfect piece to his company’s rebrand. This portrait was created on-site in Michael’s downtown Eugene office.

Heather Mills Photography -- Eugene Senior Photographer

At each client’s consultation, a vision is created. One of the things this high school senior loves is the way the city feels just as the day’s light begins to disappear. After an in-studio portrait experience, we took Jade’s second look downtown to the 5th Street Market, capturing a blue hour moment under a fall sky.

Heather Mills Photography -- Eugene Wedding Photographer

Michael and Hannah’s wedding took place at the Downtown Athletic Club in Eugene. Before their grand entrance into the ballroom as Mr. and Mrs., this couple snuck outside for a quick—and extraordinary—kiss.

Heather Mills Photography -- Eugene Boudoir Photographer

In 2018, along with our year-round boudoir offerings, we created a 5-course boudoir experience for clients to select from. The 3rd course: sheers and fans. From hand painted backdrops created specifically for these sessions to assistants on-site to help tend to the direction and velocity of the fans, they were dynamic and creative sessions—and the other 4 courses (in their own elements) were, too! To see more of those, join us in our private group.

With sprawling natural beauty that can be accessed through every season, this passionate and delightful couple chose Mt. Pigah Aroboretum in Eugene as their wedding venue. Along a trail, and just after Sean and Jazzi’s first look took place, these moments were captured.

When Jordan contacted Heather Mills to help surprise his beloved—our Studio Manager, Chloe—with a proposal, she was elated and went to work. From a made-up on-site branding session (with a signed contract and all to help keep Chloe from suspecting), to lighting and backdrop gear loading and unloading day-of, Chloe was perplexed to find the ornament she gifted her husband-to-be years ago hanging on the door to the coffee shop where they first met at Northwest Christian University nearby the (faux) on-site branding location. Upon opening the door, Chloe was met with their song being sung and played, and an array of momentos from their years together, displayed for her as she took a trip down memory lane. When Jordan asked her to be his wife, tears were brought to all of our eyes. And likely, when Jordan and Chloe say, “I do” at their wedding this March, we’ll all be crying again.

Heather Mills Photography -- Eugene Boudoir Photographer

The last image featured here in our 18 of (some of) the best moments of 2018 is also an Instagram #topnine. Our fans loved this image—as do we! This in-studio, in-pool fine art boudoir concept was first created with Kylie and customized for our clients thereafter time and time again. To see more fine art boudoir, join us in our private group.

To all of you, THANK YOU for another spectacular year! Cheers to 2018!

20 of Some of the Best Moments of 2017

As we step into 2018, we reflect on the year past--and the many moments we have had the honor to be a witness to. A difficult task (as we look through the many galleries!), here are 20 of (some of) the best moments of 2017, mostly displayed in chronological order. Enjoy!


A few short days into 2017, our Willamette Valley was layered in snow. Offering breathtaking views, we took to Sweet Cheeks Winery for Addison and Erin's engagement session and enjoyed the golden hour light in the vineyards and atop their scenic patio. Their wedding in Florida next month will likely provide a different scene!

Best of 2017 Eugene Engagement Photographer

In time for Valentine's Day, several ladies came into the newly opened studio for their boudoir portraits. This black and white with an editorial feel is timeless and captivating--and a favorite of 2017.

Best of 2017 Eugene Boudoir Photographer

Several clients have requested their dogs join in during their sessions. This year, we had the special request from Rebekah: to include her precious cat in her Senior Portraits. We were thrilled to customize her session that way!

Best of 2017 Eugene Senior Portrait Photographer

This intimate moment Kevin and Courtney shared during their engagement session in the sun-lit fog is a hands-down highlight of 2017.

Best of 2017 Eugene Engagement Photographer

Family portraits are always lively, dynamic, and highly entertaining--and this family of six came with extra surprises! Having found a romantic connection online, Jordan and Seani waited to see one other for the first time during their portrait consultation. It was a remarkable thing to be witness to!

Best of 2017 Eugene Family Photographer

Before wedding season begins each year, we are frequently asked to capture a bride's intimate beauty so her portraits can be lovingly presented to her groom on their wedding day. To us, it is an honor to be entrusted with such a gift.

Best of 2017 Eugene Boudoir Photographer

Too, when a dear friend of years past entrusts you with the care of their pregnancy celebration, it is humbling. On the day of Cary and Danielle's session, we were somehow gifted with radiant sun, soaked it in, and cherished that along with their love of one another and their son.


This image is a result of incredible collaboration with some of the wedding industry's best. The moments shared in culmination are unforgettable--from having to find an entirely new location the morning of the event, taking on several dead-end roads, and more--but all exemplify resilience, dedication, and mastery. And a capture like this is one for the books!

Coordination and Styling: Peachy Keen Coordination by Cindy Crowder
Bride's Attire: Merrime Bridal / Chic Nostalgia Gown “Femi”
Hair and Makeup: Brittany Blanchard Makeup
Jewelry: By Angeline

Best of 2017 Eugene Elopement Photographer

Brandon and Devan's wedding at Three Strands Farm was absolutely beautiful! This moment captured at their ceremony site showcases their serene and elegant venue and the delight they have in one another.

Best of 2017 Eugene Wedding Photographer

This wedding celebration at Mt. Pisgah had moments of unrivaled laughter. This capture is a sure favorite of 2017.

Best of 2017 Eugene Wedding Photographer

From a foggy engagement session (see above) to a sun-lit wedding ceremony at Heiser Farms, this couple made our top moments of 2017 twice! Winston, their four-legged fur baby was a delightful guest of honor, and excitedly joined them at the time of their first kiss!

This bride's color palate was fantastic! Her bouquet and bridesmaid attire selections were bright and absolutely smile-inducing! The rich greenery here at Log House Garden at Willow Lake made a perfect backdrop for this capture.

Best of 2017 Eugene Wedding Photographer

From mid-day portraits to sunset ones, this couple's intimate moments on the sandy beach at the Pelican Brewery in Pacific City were absolutely dreamy!

Our last wedding of the 2017 season took place in Bend on private property. Before the bride met her groom along side the river's edge, she shared sweet moments with the women closest to her in her bridal suite.

Best of 2017 Eugene Wedding Photographer

Zephan's Senior Portraits were designed to showcase his passions in performing art: from music to dance. We had the pleasure of private access to a grand piano at the Hult Center for Performing Arts and fantastic weather for his unique outdoor portraits thereafter.

You'll find these hard-working, talented physical therapists at Endurance Physical Therapy in Eugene. Their commercial branding session day was a full production and resulted in fantastic individual and group headshots--indoors and out!

Best 2017 Eugene Headshot Photographer

This year, we hosted two out-of-state boudoir events: one in San Francisco, California and another in Phoenix, Arizona. This radiant woman joined us in Phoenix--and all the way from Little Rock, Arkansas--and we love her smile!

Best 2017 Eugene Boudoir Photographer

With a return to the Pacific Northwest, we joined David and Bekah in Portland for their engagement portraits. This romantic moment was captured at the Pittock Mansion.

Best 2017 Eugene Engagement Photographer

This family came to the studio for their first family portraits, and second set of children's portraits (having something like 10 years pass between)--just in time for Christmas!

Best 2017 Eugene Family Photographer

As we neared the close of 2017, we had this gorgeous woman in the studio looking to celebrate--and we look forward to having her back in 2018, too!


Thank you to all who made 2017 another incredible year at Heather Mills Photography!

20 of Some of the Best Moments of 2016

With only a few days remaining to 2016, reflection has ensued--a reflection on the many moments we have had the honor to be a witness to. A difficult task (as I look through 82 galleries!), here are 20 of (some of) the best moments of 2016, mostly displayed in chronological order. Enjoy!

#1: This year's wedding season was kicked off in January, and will finish on New Year's Eve. With 20 weddings in between, the first remains a highlight--and particularly this bride's laughter through the rain and 45 degree winter day. This capture was after their first look--under an umbrella as a light rain fell.

#2: Family portraits are dynamic and lively, and capturing children through their many stages is a joy. The energy of these five sisters was particularly enjoyable, and playing with them while creating their portraits one sunny spring day was a highlight this year.

#3: After putting together a cobalt blue watercolor inspired styled wedding editorial alongside incredible talent in early February (see it featured HERE on Hey Wedding Lady), I took part in another collaboration at Sweet Cheeks Winery. This time, the colors were rich and deep, as showcased by the dynamic bouquet by Hard Core Florist pictured above. The best part, though, was being able to do this alongside two other photographers--and friends--Lynn Marie Photography and Aly with Hazel Eye Photography. 

(Venue: Sweet Cheeks Winery in Eugene, Oregon // Coordinator: Peachy Keen Coordination by Cindy Crowder // Flowers: Hardcore Florist // Rentals: Poppies and Top Hats, specialty event rentals and design // Bride's Attire: Merrime Bride & Soiree // Jewelry: Meghan Donahue Handmade Jewelry // Paper Goods: Off The Vine Calligraphy + Design // Cake: Sugar Mommas Bake Shop & Cafe // Hair and Makeup Artist: Felicia Knapp // Models: Cheri Breymann and Sheldon Gorrin)

#4: In time for Valentine's Day, the 2016 boudoir marathon event proved successful. Specializing in boudoir this past year, we have had the honor of working with many women who have conquered their fears and showcased their beauty while pouring into their marriage. (For information on the upcoming 2017 Limited Edition Boudoir Event, contact us HERE.)

#5: The first look captured above was one of the most memorable of 2016; this groom's adoration of his beautiful bride made more than one of us tear up. Truth be told, this series of images still deeply moves me.

#6: One of several features on Oregon Bride Magazine, this intimate under-veil capture of these two wed at Yellow Gold Farm remains a favorite.

#7: First looks were not the only times we witnessed groom's eyes well up with tears; this incredible moment as the bride's father walked her down the aisle at the beautiful Clear Lake Gardens overwhelmed us all.

#8: I had the honor of photographing a stunning wedding on private property in the Coburg Hills. Not only was the location personal, every detail--from hanging baskets lovingly created months before, heirloom pieces proudly displayed, custom signs created by the bride herself, and more--was also.

#9: This ceremony recessional lined with celebrating guests blowing bubbles at Home Place Farm was absolutely delightful.

#10: This July wedding was filled with one breathtaking moment after another. From their first look mid-day until their first dance that night, there was a continuous tenderness, grace, and mystique. 

#11: Blooming roses, golden hour light, and this stylish and fun couple made this engagement session a highlight of 2016.

#12: Summerlake Park in Tigard made for a perfect location for this expecting couple's maternity portraits. When we met for their family portraits last year, we were celebrating their cousin's engagement (you may recognize this couple from the Best of 2015); this year, we celebrated these sweet expectant moments as they prepared to welcome their firstborn.

#13: As the end of the summer neared, a trip to the stunning Pittock Mansion in Portland was in store. With a breeze and the coolness falling upon the day, this capture is one of 2016's best.

#14: This boudoir session during the thick of wedding season happened just days before this gorgeous bride said, "I do" to her betrothed--and what a beautiful gift she was able to present to her groom!

#15: I was invited to capture several intimate weddings this year (with as few as 12 witnesses), including these two's. From the lookout atop LaVelle Vineyards to that at Skinner's Butte, several HMP couples said "I do" among only those closest to them. This featured wedding was captured at Shotgun Creek in Marcola, Oregon on a perfectly drizzly fall day.

#16: This gorgeous senior was particularly special to me; seven years ago, she was a sixth grader, stepping into my classroom. Years have passed since we have seen one another, but we reconnected again when she asked me to capture this momentous time of her life--her senior year.

#17: The end of the year was filled with dynamic family captures, including those of this beautiful family of five.

#18: One of the most spectacular views within Eugene is at Spencer's Butte. This adventurous couple met me for a hike to the top--with just enough time to catch the sunset; it was an exhilarating and memorable highlight of 2016!

#19: This particular location at Alton Baker Park was found during a weekend hike--and I knew immediately it would be perfect for this engaged couple's portraits to take place just days later. The connection and ease between these two was striking.

#20: One of the last portraits of the year was captured for this lovely family. The overcast late fall day brought with it some incredible color and a light haze. Their portraits will don their home, and have been lovingly sent out to those near and far this holiday season.


To all of our many clients, THANK YOU; 2016 has been a joyous year!

We look forward to sharing in your most precious moments of 2017, capturing them for you to cherish for years to come.

Wishing you a Happy New Year,

Heather Mills