What Does Your Photographer Need for Your Indoor Venue?

You’ve found your perfect venue. It’s elegant, romantic, and inviting. Or maybe it’s filled with character, warm, and unexpected. Either way, it’s (partly or all) indoors. As excited as you are about your love story unfolding in this space, you are concerned that it won’t be remembered with beautiful photographs. After all, you understand that “natural light” photographers won’t have access to natural light inside. So, what should you look for when searching for your photographer?

1. Off Camera Lighting Equipment

No pop-up flash here! Shadows create shape and texture. Without those shadows (and with direct flash), you are left with plastic-looking portraits—and missing out on the magic created with back-lit, side-lit, and overhead lit techniques.

Back Lit (and Side Lit):

(from a summer reception at Deepwoods Events near Eugene, Oregon)

Indoor Venue Eugene Oregon - Deep Woods Events Elmira, Oregon

Overhead Lit (and Side Lit):

Indoor Venue - Deepwoods Events in Elmira, Oregon

Side Lit (from Both Sides):

(from an after-dark New Year’s Eve wedding at Pronghorn Resort in Bend, Oregon)

Indoor Wedding -- Pronghorn Resort in Bend, Oregon

Side Lit (from One Side):

Indoor Wedding - Pronghorn Resort in Bend, Oregon

2. Significant Indoor Lighting Experience

Is it enough to have the lighting equipment? Of course, the equipment must be mastered and the understanding of artificial light must be mastered. After all, how would one asses a space and determine which lighting techniques to use? And at what settings? Photography is an art. Off camera lighting is as well. And pairing the two together makes for the perfect mix for your unforgettable day.

We’ve been creating highly personal art in indoor spaces since 2015. For your perfectly lit indoor celebration, contact us today.