Why a Keepsake Album for Your Wedding Day?

Eugene Oregon Wedding Photographer Wedding Album

Why do we include professionally designed Keepsake Albums in each wedding collection?

It begins with the pleasure of you holding your story in your hands and feeling the pages with your fingers, and extends to your children and grandchildren doing the same one day, too. It is cherished now--and even more as the years pass. This legacy piece showcases so much beauty, though maybe more importantly: offers identity and belonging as an anchor to the generations to come. Experiencing your images on a screen just isn't the same.

Eugene Oregon Wedding Album

In addition to the pleasure of Wall Displays on the walls of your home showcasing you and your spouse’s most favorite images, delight comes from your Keepsake Album showcasing the details—and it’s the details that tell your unforgettable love story. From the scent that you wore, to the lace details on your dress, to the moment you exchanged vows and rings, shed tears, toasted to a lifetime of happiness and love, and shared your first dance as husband and wife. These details are precious ones. And ones you will cherish year after year.


Why are our professionally designed Keepsake Albums included in each wedding collection?

Because it matters. And because we care.

We’ll help you tell your love story for generations to come.

Capture these moments today.